Beer in Amsterdam

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Drinking Beer in Amsterdam

Where to Find the Best Beer in Amsterdam

When you’re in Amsterdam, you’ll definitely want to try the local beers. The Dutch know how to make a good beer, and Amsterdam is no exception. Some of the best places to find it are outside the city centre, such as the Old Bruin Cafe. This bar is the most famous in Amsterdam, serving dozens of different kinds of bottled and draft brews. The atmosphere is relaxed and the beer is delicious.

If you like hoppy beers, try the Pink Pogo IPA, brewed by local brewery Het Uiltje to celebrate their fifth anniversary. This IPA is incredibly flavorful and won Gold in the Dutch beer challenge. It’s a great way to sample some of Amsterdam’s local beers without having to drink an entire stein. And if you love Belgian beers, go to Gollum. The bar staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and the selection is extensive.

Another great place to sample Dutch craft beer is the Butcher’s Tears brewery in the Zuid district. This independent brewery has two locations, one on the canalside, and offers a variety of beers from local and international microbreweries. The tasting room is open Monday through Friday and is open until 20:00 on the weekends. During the day, the beer is served at noon, and the brewery hosts regular events.

There are several breweries in Amsterdam

The city is also home to several breweries. If you’re interested in discovering the best beer in Amsterdam, you can visit the Biertuin and go for a tasting at their three locations. They both feature a great selection of local and craft brews. While the brewing process may be lengthy and expensive, you’ll be delighted by the beer selection. A few other bars offer excellent options as well.

If you’re looking for a more traditional beer, the In de Wildeman is a good place to start. The tap list features 18 different beers on tap and 250 in bottles. The bar staff is very knowledgeable and will be happy to give recommendations. You can also find the best beer in Amsterdam in the neighbourhood of Haarlem, which is a historic landmark. While you’re there, make sure you check out the local beer bars, which will help you have a better time enjoying the city.

If you’re a beer lover, you can’t go wrong at the Beer Temple. This bar is situated in the heart of Amsterdam, close to Dam Square. It features American and Dutch house brews, as well as a large selection of other beers. You can also find a variety of events and activities related to beer. A brew pub in the center of the city will be a fun stop for a night out with friends.

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