What is the Difference Between Craft Beer and Regular Beer?

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The popularity of craft beer is on the rise. Breweries offer classic stouts, porters and new beers. What does craft beer mean, what features does it have? What is craft beer The widespread distribution of this drink was made possible thanks to small private breweries. Craft beer in a nutshell means craft brewery, which is translated from English as a craft brewery. Drinks produced at large factories no longer satisfy the tastes of beer gourmets. Owners of small breweries can quickly change the recipe, adapt to the taste preferences of lovers of foamy drink. craft beer Private breweries began to look for a way to improve the ancient product. They found the solution in recipes that have been preserved since ancient times. History and reasons for popularity Craft beer appeared four millennia ago. Initially, it was all a craft drink. Exclusively home brewing was widespread. Wheat served as the basis and, therefore, craft beer was quite naturally called “liquid bread”.

In the 16th century, brewing expanded beyond households. The monasteries monopolized the right to brew the popular drink. A little later, mini-breweries spread throughout Europe. For cooking, they began to use other ingredients besides wheat grains. The main ingredients are barley malt, hops and water. Malt for craft beer Old, homemade recipes were not forgotten. It was they who became the basis for the production of craft ale from private brewers. The popularity of such foam is due to the fact that manufacturers instantly respond to changing trends, in a short period of time they can make changes to the range.

Basic principles of production

In America, the basic principles for the production of craft foam by small entrepreneurs were developed. Such craft beer is briefly brewed as follows: the percentage of traditional recipes must be at least 50% of the total number of beverage varieties at a particular brewery; experiments with additives (chocolate, various spices, citrus and others) make the drink unique, but they should be within 50% of the total amount of ingredients; products are produced in small batches. The composition of the product is completely natural, without chemical additives.

Distinctive features of craft ale

How can an ordinary consumer determine the difference between craft beer and regular beer? There are several characteristics that serve as markers in determining the authenticity of a drink:
  • short shelf life, this drink does not contain preservatives;
  • the price of craft ale is three times higher than a mass-produced drink;
  • the presence of taste in experimental varieties – cinnamon, milk, citrus fruits, coffee, chocolate and other additives;
  • places of sale – this drink is not sold in ordinary stores, it is served in beer bars, draft foam is distributed through specialized outlets, bottled – through supermarkets.

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