How Brewers Can Work with Designers Without Losing Money

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If you have ever had to cooperate with specialists in creative professions, you probably know that getting the desired result can be very difficult. There are many reasons for this: from banal taste to misunderstanding on both sides.

To make it easier and more fruitful for you to work with designers or agencies in the future, I have written a short guide to the most effective interaction during a project. This guide consists of 10 steps, following which you will save your money and time, as well as get the desired result.

What are you paying for?

First of all, you need to decide what you are giving money for. You can come up with many options: for the implementation of your ideas, for beautiful pictures, etc. You may even think you are paying for air. It often happens that clients say: “Yes, I could do it too, it’s not worth the declared money.” In fact, all of these statements are false. You pay for the time, experience and expertise of the specialists. And if you work with an agency, then you pay for the time of several specialists at once, which already includes all the costs of rent, software, equipment, etc. This is important to remember.

Let’s imagine that you are the owner of a brewery, and I have arranged with you to brew beer for my event.

  1. You have a whole brewery that needs to be serviced, because beer cannot be brewed without this equipment. We also have equipment and software, without which it is impossible to work.
  2. You work at the brewery alone or with a team whose time is included in the price. The same applies to design: there is either one specialist or a team, each member of which is important to the final result.
  3. You have experience and expertise in brewing, you know how to brew the style of beer I need, so I came to you.
  4. So what will I pay for? For the taste of beer? Not! For the implementation of my ideas? Not! And certainly not for air, because, unlike the design, beer can be tasted. It turns out that I pay for the time of your work, your experience and expertise.

When you come to the designer, you should already have a task formulated. This is the foundation of your cooperation. We solve your problems and evaluate the effectiveness of our work on this indicator. Wrong: we are opening a craft direction, and we need a trendy logo and corporate identity for the brewery. That’s right: we are opening a craft direction and we need a fresh logo in the spirit of modern breweries, which will emphasize our experimental approach and enthusiasm, as well as corporate identity with the design of t-shirts, labels, beer boxes and fires based on it.

An important indicator of the expert knowledge of the performer is the ability to turn the wrong problem statement into the right one. This maneuver, imperceptible to the eye of the client, sometimes saves him a lot of money and time.

The attendees of my event are big connoisseurs of beer. I ask you as a brewer to brew beer in a fashionable way. Is that enough to get you started and I’m happy with the result? I think no! Most likely, I will have to at least name the style, describe the taste and specify parameters such as gravity, amount of alcohol, additional ingredients, color, etc. If you can help me formulate all this, then you are quite experienced, and I asked address. If you do not help, then the process of compiling the problem will take a lot of your and my time. Conclusion: First, we formulate the problem.


Everything is clear here: you need to voice your wishes on terms. Often the acceleration of terms affects the cost. However, many processes take time, especially if this is the stage of creating meaning for the brand. After all, design is only a small part of branding. Terms must be discussed in advance, and they do not include time for reflection, coordination and editing on your part.

Technical requirements

You should have TTs at the very start, because changing them on the go can be more expensive than the cost of the entire project. Call the printer and ask for the dimensions, resolution, color model and format in which you need to submit materials. For example, we work with Adobe software, but some printers still use Corel Draw software. Do not be too lazy to find out about all the TTs for your project: this will definitely save you money and time.

I think that this article will help you or your employees to interact more effectively with performers. I will definitely pass this article on to difficult clients. Remember: unlike art, design has to fulfill specific tasks. Good luck in job!

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