Trip to Prague to Taste Real Beer

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Where to Go in Prague to Sample Czech Beer

The brewing industry in the Czech Republic is a vibrant and interesting one, and Prague is no exception. You can sample a variety of beers and see the process of brewing in the quaint old beer cellars. You can even learn about the history of Czech breweries, which was founded in the 13th century. If you’re a beer lover, you should take the time to explore these old breweries.

The Czech Republic has been brewing beer since the Middle Ages, and the most popular varieties are pale lagers with a golden hue. These brews are more refreshing and have less bitterness. The typical glass of Czech beer is half a liter, which makes it perfect for traveling. In addition, most of these beers are made with the freshest hops in the world.

While you’re in Prague, make sure to visit the Beer Museum. The museum is a historic monastery and dates back to 1140. It was renovated in 2001 and now has a number of year-round and seasonal beers. The brewery has outdoor seating and heating lamps for cold weather. Whether you’re visiting on a cold winter day or celebrating a holiday in Prague, there are plenty of places to indulge your thirst.

Oldest brewery opens in Prague

If you’re in the mood for a beer tour, consider U Medvidku, a famous Czech brewery. It offers a wide selection of locally made beers and tours of the brewery. The museum also features a working brewery, mannequins in historical environments, and videos that tell the story of Czech brewing. The museum’s mission is to promote a tradition of local beer and to promote it internationally.

The brewery at U Medvidku, one of the oldest beer breweries in the world, has several locations throughout Prague. The building itself is a monastery that dates back to 1140. The beer was originally brewed at the monastery, but later became a popular commercial product. Today, the brewery in the city has three kinds of beer: a seasonal ale and a year-round beer.

The history of Czech brewing can be traced back to the late eighth century. The first brewery was built in Cerhenice in 1118. The right to brew beer was restricted, but some citizens banded together to form cooperative central breweries. Afterwards, they would take the beer extract home to complete the process of brewing. However, the ban was lifted by King Wenceslas in the 13th century.

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